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Cooking class with a crazy lady

I took a cooking class last night. Soups and stews. Chef Deb was hilarious and it was not totally intentional. Ever see people with ADHD say and do everything that pops in their head? She said she gets distracted so easily her kids call it SOD – shiny object disorder. Hahaha. (I can relate). She reminds me of Dori from Finding Nemo. Adorable and completely nuts! Her thoughts “get to California by way of Alaska” but her story is cool…


When she was a kid she never wanted to be a princess or a dancer or a movie star. From 6 years old she always wanted to be a chef. Her plan in college was to get a degree in Organizational Management and then go to culinary school. After graduation she was accepted into a fancy school in New York the same week she found out she was pregnant. So she could not go. Years later her mother passed away. In her will left a chunk of money to her saying ‘take this and become a chef’. So she went for it. Awesome.

Anyway, the soup recipes are unbelievable. Each one can be adjusted to be as healthy as I want them and all are delicious. I would not, however, recommend eating six soups in one night on a regular basis. I’m still full!

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