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The most interesting game of the day

2012.01.22 Dylans come backWe watched football yesterday but the most interesting game of the day was my 12 year old nephew Dylan’s basketball game. He’d be the first to tell you they played terrible. They failed to score in 10:00 despite what seemed like a hundred attempts. The refs made it even worse by  calling fouls on every drive yet allowing the other team to practically break into tap dancing without calling travelling. Over… and over…driving the crowd crazy.

With the score Blue 35 to White 23 and only four minutes to go it seemed pretty much over. I told Todd he could leave early to pick up drinks on the way home for the football games. When suddenly out of nowhere the whistle blew and the ref signaled travelling! The crowd erupted just relieved they finally noticed!

White ball. White takes it down. Scores and draws a foul. Free throw goes in. 9 points behind.

Blue takes it down. Whistle blows. Travelling called again! Crowd goes crazy!

White takes it down. Swish! A 3-pointer! 6 points behind. 2 minutes to go.

Blue takes it down. There is a shuffle for the ball. Whistle blows. A foul? NO! A 3rd call for travelling! YES!

White takes it down. Ball goes out of bounds but gets touched by Blue. White ball.

White throws it in from the side. The ball goes up but the whistle blows… SWISH! Yet another 3-pointer but it DOESN’T COUNT! AAAA!!! The whistle blew the ball dead because the clock didn’t start! Do over! UGH!!!!

43 seconds to go. White re-throws the ball in. SWISH! Are you kidding me? The FOURTH 3-pointer in a row?! In less than a few minutes?! Score is tied!

Blue takes it down and misses. White takes it down and Dylan is fouled. Dylan at the foul line with less than 16 seconds to go. Score is tied. Dribble. Dribble. He shoots.

He scores! White is fouled again and makes another free throw. Blue launches the ball in the last few seconds (and yikes it almost goes in) but NO! The victory goes to…. WHITE!

They played awful and whadoyaknow? Pulled a Tebow right at the end!  Hahaha. Great job, Dylan!

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