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Landscaping from space

Apparently we got our landscaping done just in time for satellites to take photos of it for Google maps! If we had waited one more week there would have been a port-o-potty in this image for everyone to see. Haha. I wish I had know they were coming. I would have come out on the driveway and waved to everybody.


The page below updates every 30 seconds to show the positions of 13000 satellites orbiting the Earth. I read about a few satellites designed to study the affect of things like aerosols on the atmosphere. I wonder if anybody is studying the effects of the satellites.

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Casino Night

The company where Todd works (Newsgator) is so creative with their parties. Saturday night the theme was France in the 40s. They rented out Le Grand Bistro in downtown Denver (sooo delicious) and brought in a dozen casino tables. Blackjack, poker, craps, and roulette. (And a 120” screen to watch the Broncos get pummeled by the Patriots). So fun!
We were given 500 chips and played for raffle tickets for a number of prizes including everything from gift cards to airline tickets. Didn’t win anything but I had a blast with the wives. What a riot! We will have to go to these more often. Last year the theme was 80s ski gear. Hahaha.

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Good luck to the Broncos today!

Todd’s dad and niece supporting Tebow and the Broncos. Hoping for a little more Mile High magic today!

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Friday the 13th

Who’s idea was it to schedule a product release on Friday the 13th? Well, wish us luck…

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Finally… the official before and after photo from 2010

bfl-logoThe craziest thing happened yesterday. I received a message from a couple asking for pointers on how to be successful in the Body For Life challenge. Here is the kicker: They found me on the Body For Life website! Uh… what? I’m on their website? Sheesh! A year later and nobody ever told me!

Well, back when I finished the challenge I promised that if I was a finalist that I would post my official before and after photo. But they didn’t announce finalists last year for some reason. Only the grand prize winners. So I never knew! I tried to get up the courage to post them anyway but I never did. The most I could handle was posting a photo from the waist up in a sports bra.

Well, now that I know the photos have been publicly available over a year now I guess it wouldn’t hurt any worse to share them here. Hopefully I can use it as motivation to stick to my diet while I can’t work out!

So… here they are:

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Health Project: Doctor round 2

crowded_clinicThe doctor I saw Monday seems good but red flags keep going up.

First of all, they had me arrive early to fill out paperwork but the doctor was running an hour late. Crammed into that tiny waiting room with a dozen other people for nearly an hour and a half, I eventually realized this was not out of the ordinary for this office. The look of exasperation on everyone’s faces spoke volumes. The receptionist on the phone saying ‘he’s just a tad bit behind’ said the rest.

That was the only moment I saw the receptionist sitting at her desk helping someone. The rest of the time she paced around holding files and folders like she was trying to figure out what to do with them. People standing at the desk in front of her were totally ignored until they demanded her attention. For the first 5 minutes I thought the real receptionist was in the bathroom or something.

In reality, a long wait time and a bad receptionist is a dream come true compared to what most people in the world have access to. So, I decided, no big deal. On the way out the doctor’s assistant gave me the phone number to make an MRI appointment and said if I called by 6:00pm I could make it right away.

That set off the 3rd of my three pet peeves about a doctor’s office: having to become the liaison between the doctors office and other offices. I called the imaging place. They told me to call the doctor and have them request the appointment. I asked if that girl would just take care of it but in her response I knew I wouldn’t hear from her again so I called myself.

To make a boring story shorter, I have made 6 phone calls trying to coordinate between those two offices. Both have different versions of the process and apparently believe I am the person responsible for sorting out their differences. Two days later I have neither an appointment nor has anyone returned any of my calls.

I realize calling once more to curse them both is impractical and probably immoral so although I am tempted, I’ll refrain. But speaking practically, if there happens to be an office nearby that has time to take care of me I would rather go there. So I have an appointment elsewhere on Monday at 10:00am.

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Health Project: Knee and shoulder: Part I: The Knee

gluteus_mineus10_femoral_tibial_anteversionI finally saw and orthopedic doctor. Let’s start with the knee.

Apparently, I was born with “femoral anteversion”. The thigh bone sits crooked in the hip joint. I was pretty badly pigeon toed as a baby and had to wear shoes that pointed my feet outward while I slept. This straightened the legs but not the twisted hip.

My body compensated by developing a strong gluteus maximus and exterior leg muscles. But the flip side is a relatively underdeveloped gluteus medius, minimus and interior leg muscles plus a tight and nearly inflexible IT band. The end result is unnatural torque on my knee. The knee cap is pulled to the right.

laying-hip-abduction-1The strength difference between the gluteus maximus versus the medius and minimus is pretty funny. If I lay on my side with my leg in the air (like the photo) and the doctor pushes down on the leg while I resist he can’t get it to budge. He could practically sit on it. The therapist thought I was holding on to the table for leverage – hehe.

But when I twist the top hip slightly towards the floor and do the same test a toddler could push my leg down with one hand. My ‘big’ butt is overpowering my ‘little’ butts. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, the pain is caused by the knee cap moving back and forth outside of its track. The fixes are:

1. to loosen up the IT Band by stretching and rolling it out
2. to strengthen my ‘little’ butts and interior leg muscles
3. to massage and ice the outside of the knee

With a lot of boring tedious therapy (and some patience) I could be running, jumping, and mountain biking pain-free in 2-4 months. Sigh. But that’s just the knee. There is also my shoulder to contend with. I have to schedule an MRI to determine whether I have a labral tear.

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Bedroom Project: The layout and the goal

9_Bedroom layoutSince the layout is a little strange we are going to design the bedroom the same way you would design a kitchen. Todd drew the layout. We’ll add measurements, take it to Lowe’s, and order what we need that will fit.

The goal is to have the bedroom looking like a bedroom again by February 28th. That’s Todd’s birthday.

Updates in local news:
1. Very exciting Bronco game yesterday! Can’t believe Tebow pulled it off at the last minute AGAIN and in the very first play of overtime! Woo hoo!

2. Just found out a couple was attacked with a bomb right by our neighborhood this weekend. Best wishes to both of them and their families. The poor woman had just recovered from having her lips bitten off by a dog at an animal hospital. We hope they recover quickly and wish her and her husband and their families the best.

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Bedroom Project: The bedroom furniture is gone already

Wow. I had no idea our bedroom furniture would sell so fast. It looks like we got robbed.

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Pain in the knee… pain in the a…

After physical therapy yesterday, my knee started to hurt worse than it ever has. I could barely stand up while trying to make dinner last night. Sigh. This sucks. I wanted to go to spin class to finally get some cardio today.

2010 January workout calendar with stickers_thumb[2]The other day I came across this old workout calendar I had on the wall in 2010. (Funny. I still use stickers. Hahaha. But, hey, it helped me lose 20 pounds that year). Each volleyball is at least 2 hours (up to 16 hours a week). The dark squares were at least an hour of CrossFit. The runners were 5ks. In February I added hiking before work.

On one hand I loved that. Playing ball with my buddies. Getting outside and being active every chance I could. Having physical goals and chasing after them. If I could do that and more without consequences I still would. But this is also a reminder of how I got myself into this situation in the first place and how long I have been ignoring it. The red Xs are the days I couldn’t do anything because my shoulder and knee were hurting.

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