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Two valuable lessons on one sucky day

frustrated Yesterday sucked. I guess sometimes you learn your most valuable lessons on your worst days…

First of all, my manager at work had a project in mind that I finally got a chance to tackle. I know next to nothing about that area of our product but somehow managed to get it working last Friday. On Monday, it was completely broken. I tried many ways to figure out what I had done to break it but all I found was new problems. At 9:30 last night I realized the breakage was caused by product bugs and not by my incompetence in the area. I went to bed frustrated for what felt like an incredible waste of time. But in the end, the process of troubleshooting uncovered several product issues. Why should I be frustrated about that? That is the whole point of my job!  I need to remember that sometimes the process is even more valuable than the end result.

Then, of course, I was reminded of the importance of taking care of my muscles after every workout. I can work through some pretty bad soreness but my calf muscles are beyond that. Today’s workout includes box jumps again so I can’t go. I hate missing box jumps. After all, if I didn’t like jumping then I picked the wrong sport to play year round for most of my adult life. I am missing wall balls too which I really want to work on before the games. I feel pissed. Yesterday I sat around all day sulking because I could barely walk and couldn’t go in to work on my Olympic lifts. Today, I am going to do a workout on my own. It is infinitely harder to get the same intensity when you are by yourself but I will just have to find it in me to do exactly that.

Today’s workout:
100 pull ups (kipping)
100 push ups
100 sit ups

Time: TBD. I’ll post it after I do it.

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