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Three Lives

3lives1aAfter writing about my dream closet yesterday I realized I really need to be living at least three different lives simultaneously. In one life I would live in a small condo with just the essentials and I would spend all my time travelling and seeing the world. Half the trips would be for pleasure and adventure and the other half would be to help where people need help.

In my second life I would live in a modest house and raise a couple kids and drive them to soccer practice. I would organize bake sales and work 9-5 and the family would spend summer afternoons at the pool. We would go on modest family vacations once a year if possible and Christmas would be our favorite time of the year.

3lives2In my third life I would design my own dream house to include the dream closet I wrote about yesterday. I would be independently wealthy so instead of working I would dedicate all my time to sports and all my other various hobbies (I would have time for many).

Reincarnation would help but not if you don’t fully remember your former life. So…  I guess i will have to make the best of it with just one.

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