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Still can’t walk

I can still barely walk around normally with my sore calf muscles so instead of running sprints like I had planned to this morning I maxed on shoulder press at 24 Hour Fitness. Shoulder Press is the one on the left in this video:

I was *really* close to getting 85# but… no deal. 1 Rep Max: 80#. Afterward we normally do sets of 12, 9, and 6 reps at about 65% of whatever our max was. Since I was so close to 85, I went ahead and did 55# for 12, 9, 6. Afterward I felt like I hadn’t worked very hard so I wandered around the gym doing some dips, push ups, leg raises, etc. It wasn’t very satisfying. Next time I have to go to a regular gym I need to have a better plan. It will also help when I can walk again.

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